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1401787798_ApplicationAre you looking for an awesome tool that will help you find those golden keywords in your App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts?

We all understand the importance of keywords and how finding the right one can lead to more exposure and downloads for your app.

Well, in this video I share a great tool that will help you find those keyword gems.

App Store Optimization: Keyword Research Using OneLook

I use OneLook all the time when I’m looking for domain names. Since all the good ones are taken, OneLook can suggest some similar terms that I wouldn’t have thought of.

Within OneLook, you’ll want to go into the reverse dictionary section. Then type in the keyword that best describes your app.

For oSnap, I typed in camera and here’s what I got:


What I found was a keyword that I actually had to Google – “diaphragm”.

I always thought of it as a body part, but the third meaning of the word is related to cameras.

Diaphragm – A device for varying the effective aperture of the lens in a camera or other optical system.

Here are the traffic and difficulty scores according to Sensor Tower:



A golden keyword for ASO courtesy of OneLook.

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