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Today, I want to show you our exact ASO process which has consistently driven more downloads, more product views and more impressions with ASO for our app clients.

Step 1: Build Keyword List 

We build a long list, about 80 – 120, of keywords as we wanted to pull the data and look at the performance of these words to make a decision which ones to use. The tools which aid us on these are:

  • AppAnnie – This is where you find high ranking keywords as well as your competitors’.
  • Apple and Google Play Store – Find keywords that Apple and Google auto suggest as it is indication that they are good keywords.
  • Out of the box strategies – Find other relevant keywords from sport teams, popular magazines in your niche, etc. They usually have high traffic and low competition and this can lead people to stumble upon your app.

Step 2: Get the Data

Get data on keywords using TWO ASO tools. Check the numbers to figure out which ones have high traffic volume and low competition. Especially if you have limited budget and are reliant on organic downloads, difficulty in competition will be a key variable for you. For clients who do not mind shelling out, we don’t care so much about difficulty as we go after the high traffic keywords.

Step 3: Optimize for Keywords

After looking at the keywords and their data and you have figured out which makes sense in your app, place them in strategic places.

  • Apple – Optimize your app name, your subtitle and your descriptions. Utilize the Spanish Mexico localization to target US markets which will double the keywords that you are using.
  • Google Play – Optimize your app name, your short descriptions and your long description. You will want the keywords that you are targeting to the left most part of your sentences.

Having a really good App Store listing presence will also help so look at your app icon and screenshot designs as well. Don’t change to many things at once though so you will know which change drove the growth.


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  • Android Guru says:


    my main focus is software development and I’ve created some apps. But I’ve seen some of your great youtube videos about ASO and tested some of your ASO tactics. One of my apps has now more than 1000 downloads a day.
    But I’ve developed a game this year and have some problems to get downloads. I have some keys in the google play store ranking, but I think nobody is searching for it. I think the game is great but I can’t find the audience. Do you have a idea what to do?


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