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Audience Hacker - Jonny Andrews

Audience Hacker – Jonny Andrews


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About the Episode

Are you looking to write a book and become a thought leader in your field? Well today’s guest breaks down the writing process into actionable steps and tells us a killer tip on how you can write even faster. Also, listen to his story of the time he was homeless and how he was able to build a successful business from that situation.

Jonny Andrews is the host of the Author Movement.

Show Notes

Actionable Steps Towards Writing A Great Non-Fiction Book

Jonny states that revelation comes from action and not from sitting around thinking about taking action. So even before he went out to create his products and books, he interviewed people until he was able to determine that he got the most personal joy and social engagement working with authors who can directly help others. These became his target audience.

Once you discover your audience, find out what kind of conversations they want to have. Find out the main, pressing issue for your audience and break it down to 10-12 major points or chapters. The introduction of your book should be about you and your story as it applies to your reader. The beginning should also define why they need your book, what it will do for them and how to do the solutions you are presenting. The inner chapters should be about identifying to their pains and giving solutions, all the while using analogies and wrapping your key points in stories. At the end, draw everything together in a great conclusion and include calls to action to check your website or purchase your merchandise. 

Write Faster by Outrunning Your Inner Critic

According to Jonny, most people commit the great mistake of trying to edit while they write. This is wrong as this is not the time to do that. What we need to do is create an outline and just write two to three pages per bullet point and simply write for 7-10 minutes without reading or editing what you are doing. Similar to the Pomodoro technique, just write in batches and take brief breaks in between. After that, you can then let your inner critic out and edit your rough draft.

From Homeless to Success

He was working as a mortgage broker and was working on a series of real estate deals when his loans were denied through due to identity theft. This brought him complete financial catastrophe and ended up back to his parents’ place. He couldn’t get a job, a credit card or a bank account and this taught him how to live off the grid but financially successful. He learned how to sell info product courses and ended up developing a 7-figure business off of PayPal and click bank.

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