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Today’s guest shares how he’s built partnerships with some of the biggest brands to help them grow their engagement and revenue through their AR platform. Also, you have to hear the story of how he bought Muhammad Ali’s famous robe and sold it to his eventual business partner and mentor.

Alen Paul Silverrstieen is the CEO and President at Imagination Park Technologies.

Show Notes

From Muhammad Ali’s Robe to Nasdaq

You never end up in the business that you expected.

Ali was one of the pioneers in the phone card industry in North America but that all started as an accident. This story starts with a famous Muhammad Ali robe in which Alan invested all the money he ever had to purchase it — straight out cleaned his account. After the purchase, he did his research to figure out who to sell it to and the buyer did not just end up purchasing the robe, he also became their investor, and most importantly, his mentor. The company soared to new heights after working together.

From a robe to a phone card industry, to Nasdaq.

Building Partnerships with Big Brands for Engagement and Revenue

Alan has worked with big brands as partners despite AR being new. He shares that landing these partnerships is all about believing in your product and having the passion and commitment to support it. If you don’t, it will come across to the people you are communicating to. It is also essential to be over the top on your customer service. Give them the confidence that you are going to work together, deliver your commitments, and help them along the way. You also have to do what it takes to do it — whether it’s taking calls in the wee hours of the morning or the weekend — your partners need to know you are there when needed.

Although networks and connections can lead you to these big brands, Alan proves that you can get to them in other ways as well. For Microsoft, for example, their relationship just started with a cold LinkedIn message. If you believe in your product and have the commitment, you should be able to communicate and have the confidence to do things.

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