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Khush - Prerna Gupta

Khush – Prerna Gupta


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About the Episode

How do you build marketing buzz for your app even before you even build it? Well today’s guest sold her company, Khush, to Smule and she talks about how she leveraged YouTube to market her apps and get millions of downloads. In fact, she even got the stars of Charlie Bit My Finger to do an app video. Also, listen to her cold email strategy that landed her press and review videos from popular YouTubers.

Prerna Gupta is an author and futurist, whose writing has been featured in New York Times, TechCrunch, Huffington Post, VentureBeat and more.

She was the co-founder and CEO of Khush (acquired by Smule) and former the Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Smule, where she remains an advisor to the Board of Directors.

Show Notes

Music is a universal language which ties people from every nation or tongue. A lot of industries had been born and there are so many shows whose platforms are based on music. Our guest for today is very passionate about this topic and her ultimate goal is to connect billions of people through music, as evidenced by the apps she had produced. Today, we have Prerna Gupta, previously CEO of Khushand currently a member of the board of directors of the company which acquired by Khush, Smule Inc.

Below are the highlights of my conversation with Prerna:

  • The history of the Kush and the creation of the reverse karaoke app, La Dida,
  • How adding studio effects and other changes based on customer feedback turbo charged their marketing,
  • Their YouTube marketing strategy which reached the famous kids of Charlie Bit My Finger and the Gregory brothers which later became part of their other app,Songify,
  • Cold emailing as an essential PR  tool and tips she found effective including having a catchy subject, trying  to keep the email brief and including links to your app video, and
  • Video advertising as their most cost-effective method of advertising. 

Prerna also opens up about how it was being acquired by a big company, how she built credibility and thoughts about our immigration system.

The aim to change people’s lives is what drove Prerna to be an entrepreneur. What will drive you to start?

Show Mentions

Fav app: Secret: (iTunes)

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