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Bentfinger – Steve Arce

Bentfinger – Steve Arce


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About the Episode

Coming up is my interview on the Lucrative Drive podcast where we talk about the importance of small wins and how they can snowball into big success. Also, listen to the part of the show where we talk about the real obstacles that are holding us back from launching.

Steve Arce is the founder of Bentfinger.

Show Notes

Celebrate Small Wins!

Yes, go for the small wins. We should celebrate small victories as it stimulates us more to produce additional ideas to continue on your journey. The smallest victories will help you move closer to get where you want to be.

Screw It, Just Do It

Steve Arce was planning to launch a podcast before but there were delays in doing so and when I asked him on the reasons, he opened up that what was holding him back was the his self-doubt. He wanted to build his credibility first by launching his app before his podcast because people might question if he really knows enough to be talking about apps if he cannot pull it off first.

Social proof is important but as long as you are honest, people which are in similar boats will relate to you. Even if your app doesn’t become a hit, people will appreciate that you took the shot so don’t let that self-doubt hold you off from starting what you love.

Have the ‘screw it, just do it’ mentality as it is more powerful to have launched something and learn from it than to keep it in and not learn at all.


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