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Coming up you will discover which app store optimization (ASO) tool has the most accurate data to help you increase downloads for your app. I’m going to share real results from clients comparing the accuracy of each ASO tool.

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What ASO Tool has the most accurate data?

We analyzed three clients across three different categories to show you which ASO tool is the best in terms of accuracy. We provide you with real ranking data along with the traffic and difficulty scores from each ASO tool.

The ASO tools covered in this case study:

While the actual keywords and app name are removed from each case study, we are providing real keyword ranking data as of May 23, 2017 (the day of the recording).

When looking at the data, pay attention to the number of keywords each tool is deeming “low competition”. This is important because we base a lot of our keyword optimizations based on the difficulty and traffic scores. The more accurate the difficulty is the higher chance we will rank for that keyword and ultimately increase downloads.

Another important thing to note is that all the keywords are targeted in either the US app name, US keyword field, Spanish (Mexico) app name and Spanish (Mexico) keyword field.

Lastly no black hat ASO strategies were used in these case studies. All results are purely from optimizing an app’s app name and keyword field.

Let’s get to it!

App 1: Game (50% increase in downloads)

We manage to get a total of 15 keywords into the top 6 resulting in a 50% increase in downloads. As you can see from the data above, we are really good at finding keywords with good traffic scores (20-40) and low competition.


Low Difficulty Top 6 Rate
Mobile Action 18 14 77.78%
Sensor Tower 22 14 63.64%
AppTweak 10 5 50.00%
Total keywords 15

According to the results, Mobile Action had the most accurate data with 14 of the 18 low competition keywords ending up in the top 6. Sensor Tower came in second with 64% of their low difficulty keywords actually ranking in the top 6.

Keywords in top 6  18
Mobile Action 14 93.33%
Sensor Tower 14 93.33%
AppTweak 5 33.33%

Let’s take a look at the reverse. Of the 18 keywords where we are ranking in the top 6, how many did each tool actually say it had low competition.

Here you see that AppTweak had the lowest score with only 5 “low competition” keywords out of the 18 keywords that are in the top 8.

App 2: Lifestyle (371% increase in downloads)

Next up we have a lifestyle app that we helped increase downloads by 371% by getting 18 keywords rank in the top 8. 🤗


Low Difficulty Top 8 Rate
AppTweak 10 8 80.00%
Mobile Action 16 12 75.00%
Sensor Tower 27 13 48.15%
Total keywords 18

In this case, AppTweak ended up with the most accurate data when it came to difficulty scores having 80% of their keywords in the top 8. Mobile Action isn’t too far away having 75% of their keywords ranking in the top 8. Sensor Tower again displays the most low competition keywords, but only about half of them are ranking highly.

Keywords in top 8 18
Sensor Tower 13 72.22%
Mobile Action 12 66.67%
AppTweak 8 44.44%

Here if we look at the reverse, out of the 18 keywords in the top 8, how many keywords did each tool deem as “low competition”. Now AppTweak ranks the lowest and Sensor Tower ranks the highest.

The other way to read this data is that AppTweak had 10 keywords that they said were “competitive”, but we ended up ranking highly for those terms. In other words, if we just used AppTweak we may have missed out on a potential 10 keywords that we could have ranked highly for.

App 3: Kids app (420% increase in downloads)

Lastly we have a kids app where we only had 6 keywords in the top 6, but managed to increase downloads by 420%. We are still managing this app so hopefully we can increase the number of keywords in the top 10, but for now it’s a good start.


Low Difficulty Top 6 Rate
AppTweak 11 5 45.45%
Mobile Action 19 6 31.58%
Sensor Tower 21 6 28.57%

Here AppTweak again is the most accurate in terms of having the most percentage of low competition keywords rank in the top 6.

Keywords in top 6 6
Sensor Tower 6 100.00%
Mobile Action 6 100.00%
App Tweak 5 83.33%

The sample size is probably too small here but of the 6 keywords that are ranking in the top 6, all three ASO tools had them as “low competition”.


In short, we’re really good at ASO. 🤣

On a more serious note, here are our main takeaways:

  • Use two ASO tools (this is one of our advanced ASO strategies)
  • Mobile Action
    • Most accurate data in terms of traffic scores and level of difficulty
    • I always use two ASO tools, but if I had to pick just one then Mobile Action is it.
  • Sensor Tower
    • The best user interface
    • Shows the most “low competition” keywords and tends to show keywords that are highly competitive as “low competition”
  • AppTweak
    • Greatest value in terms of price and number of keywords
    • Shows the least “low competition” keywords but mostly accurate with their difficulty scores

Next up, we’ll analyze ASOdesk and compare its data with the ones shown here. If you have any questions about app store optimization, then either leave a comment below or contact us.

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