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Since the beginning of the podcast and my app entrepreneur journey there’s one single investment that I’ve made that has changed everything for me.

This investment has doubled my business year over year.

This investment allows me to NOT do any outbound marketing.

This investment has brought me such great amazing new friends.

Have an idea what this investment is?

Here’s a hint (enable images)…

This picture was taken during WWDC 2014 (3 years ago)!

The investment is…


You see three years ago I had dinner with 4 other App Masters Elite mastermind members along with past guests and clients.

One of the members, Gonzalo Juarez, is the co-founder of the largest publisher of travel apps. We had a few conversations online, but we first met in person during that dinner – he was living in Argentina at the time.

Immediately we hit it off, so we’ve always stayed in contact.

And during WWDC 2015, he came back to SF and I introduced him to someone I just met as well, Alex Dantas at another dinner that I hosted.

Alex introduced Gonzalo to Hackers / Founders, a co-op startup accelerator in San Jose, CA.

After a few months, Gonzalo decided to join Hackers/Founders and move from Argentina to California.

And now fast forward to 2017, Gonzalo and I have become really good friends going to our kids’ birthday parties and helping each other with our businesses.

It is for these connections that I decided to launch the App Masters Elite mastermind back in 2014…

To build life-long relationships that go beyond the app business and frankly business in general.

I’m a firm believer in communities especially those that are highly curated.


Would you like to be a part of a community with 6 and 7-figure app entrepreneurs who are there to fully support one another?

Do you want to know how iOS 11 is already making an impact on ASO?

We are opening applications for the App Masters Elite mastermind (only 10 will be admitted this round). Applications close Tuesday, June 13th.

If you’re interested learn more below:


P.S. There are membership fees to join to ensure quality and that only the serious ones get in.

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