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BGB Island - Chris Chidgey

BGB Island – Chris Chidgey


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About the Episode

Are you hoping and waiting for that one app to just take off? Well listen to how today’s guest approaches building an app engine and how that has led to over 1.3 million downloads. Plus listen to the monetization tip and why he decided to stop using banner ads.

Chris Chidgey is the founder of BGB Island.

Show Notes

App flipping or reskinning is now becoming a popular choice for app developers.  For those who are not familiar with the process, this is basically taking an existing app and developing it into something new — changing the visual aspects, for example.  Creating an app from scratch, especially for those new in the business, can be a tedious process and reskinning can be a good method for you to leverage on expertise that you don’t have yet to get it done quickly.

This is the chosen business method of our guest today, Chris Chidgey, the founder and chief hustler of BGB island apps and the co-host of the App Business podcast. His apps have about over 1.3M downloads so this tells us that there is a huge market and opportunity out there for app flipping.

Today, we will talk about the following items to learn Chris’ methods and strategies that brought him this success:

  • His way of minimizing risks and pain points to get more out of his investment by choosing to launch lots of reskinned apps,
  • What prompted his decision to go with the strategy of flipping apps,
  • How he learned which engine to build and how App Empire influenced him as a student of the app industry,
  • The inspiration and ideas he got from studying the app store which got him to work on Word Picture Quiz,
  • His corporate background and what made him take a leap and embrace the app business,
  • What works for his company when it comes to monetization,
  • How he utilized Google Trends and app search optimization to come up with themes and concepts,
  • His own strategy in app submission to Apple and why he added hosting a podcast in his portfolio.

My conversation with Chris had given me insights on this other facet of the mobile app business.  Taking smaller steps may indeed be applicable to most of our app hopefuls out there so I hope you will learn in this podcast as much as I have.


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