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Digital Possum - Jack Liu

Digital Possum – Jack Liu


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About the Episode

Do you have the super hero syndrome where you must be a part of every piece of your app business? Well today’s guest has been producing apps for about a year and has managed to outsource everything so he can concentrate on what he does best and that’s find the right niche for his apps. Also, listen to his laser like focus and why he won’t listen to your business idea if it’s not related to apps.

Jack Liu is Director of Creative Development at Digital Possum.

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode is Jack Liu, Creative Director at Digital Possum and we have a hearty talk about things that you should know about ASO and how you can develop an app without working on a single line of code if you hire effectively. Apart from this, below are the highlights of my discussion with Jack:

  • What made him venture into the app game business and how he built his source codes,
  • How he goes about hiring his staff during the development phase: sifting through applications, the questions he asks in interviews and why he prefers working with teams rather than individual freelancers,
  • The art and the science of ASO in terms of prioritizing key words, what to coin in your titles and key word ranking,
  • How he monetizes his games and his strategies in garnering over 7,000 reviews without incentivizing,
  • The best time to approach Jack if you are an indie developer who would like to consult with him and,
  • His low points and how long before he saw significant returns out of his efforts. 

Hate bumping on those infernal pipes when you play Flappy Birds? How about having these pipes hit those birds this time around? Watch out for the next app from Digital Possum as they create Flappy Bird with a twist: a game from the pipe’s perspective.

Show Mentions

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