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Blue Cloud Solutions - Carter Thomas

Blue Cloud Solutions – Carter Thomas


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About the Episode

Coming up we have the king of reskinning and app flipping Carter Thomas and he shares two key mistakes you maybe making when reskinning apps. Also, if you’ve been against reskinning app listen to our open and honest conversation about the app flipping business.

Carter Thomas is the founder of Blue Cloud Solutions.

Show Notes

In the past, we had guests in this show which had talked to us about reskinning and how this model had worked well for them and their business.  To give you more insights about app flipping and how this can also be your choice of ladder to success, we have Carter Thomas with us today to speak to us about:

  • His background on internet marketing, building websites and what made him get into app business,
  • The first step he takes after identifying a source code that he can use when skinning apps,
  • A story on the first game he licensed to code and what made him go for it,
  • The experiences he learned from the misses of his first app and how it paved the way to his current chosen strategy,
  • Cutting cost, earning more quickly and reskinning as a more profitable model,
  • Mistakes beginning reskinners make and the things they should need to focus on,
  • Selecting a source code, deciding on a theme, matching icons and coming up with great keywords,
  • How discovering double nag screens through accident doubled his revenue, and
  • A discussion about fill rates, retention and life time value.

Tune in for great ideas which could jump start your reskinning career!  Remember as well to be clear on what your goals are, since as per Carter, if you are not, it’s going to drive you insane.

Show Mentions


Fav Apps: Uber: (iTunes | Google Play) and Kingdom Rush: (iTunes | Google Play)


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