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Blue Label Labs - Bobby Gill

Blue Label Labs – Bobby Gill

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About the Episode

Coming up, are you like me and love using frameworks to validate new ideas? Well listen to the two simple questions today’s guest uses to test his new ideas. Also, if you’re just starting your own agency, then you’ll want to hear the story of how today’s guest landed his first few clients. All that and so much more.

Bobby Gill is the founder of Blue Label Labs, a mobile development lab with offices in New York City and Redmond, Washington.

A few of Bobby’s other companies / products:

  • – Tools to prototype Windows 8 (aka Metro UI) applications within PowerPoint.
  • – See above, change Windows 8 to BlackBerry X.
  • – An online magazine an online magazine that publishes news, articles, and help for startups and entrepreneurs building app businesses.
  • “Appsters: The Beginner’s Guide to App Entrepreneurship” – We recently published this book to give aspiring app entrepreneurs an end-to-end guide to launching their own app. Written for a non-technical audience, Appsters breaks through the technical jargon to give an easy-to-read, comprehensive and entertaining look at starting up an app.

About Blue Label Labs

From the website:

Blue Label was founded in 2009 by Bobby Gill and has offices in Redmond, Washington and New York, NY. Our team is made of former Microsoft engineers and product managers, and it is our goal is to build interesting and unique concepts for the mobile generation; a place where beautiful software is developed the right way.

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– Dani’s List (Free | Paid $1.99)

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– Shazam (iTunes | Google Play)
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