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Show Notes

Today, I’m going to introduce a cool branding hack which I learned from one of our podcast guests, Christy Laurence of Plann. You can use this tactic within your app to make it go viral.

Brilliantly Branding Apps to Downloads

Christy’s first 500k downloads were all from word of mouth and she did this by adding a simple logo in the app. Inside Plann, they have placed their logo in the direct top of the workspace. Christy understands that people get social media anxiety and that they would often screenshot their work-in-progress and share it to friends. What she did not expect was that they would do this in Facebook groups with thousands of people in it, to get their opinion. The shared work stirred interest on what app they were using and since people see their logo in the screenshots, they get to see what app to check out. This served as free, extra marketing for her.

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