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Button Down Technologies - Scott Krebs

Button Down Technologies – Scott Krebs


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About the Episode

Want a quick and easy way to build a network of apps that can cross-promote one another? Well, listen to how today’s guest is repurposing his source code for multiple niche apps. Also, listen to the brainstorming session about monetization that Scott and I had on the show.

Scott Krebs is the founder of Button Down Technologies.

Show Notes

In the late 90’s, Bloody Mary was the third most popular mixed drink in the country, after the margarita and the vodka and tonic and it has grown in popularity since.  Our guest for today is the co-founder of Button-Down Technologies and they are out to help you find the best Bloody Marys in town with their current app project: The Bloody Mary Chaser.

Friends, let us all welcome Scott Krebs, as we mix up a concoction that would make you learn more about the app world. In this podcast, we discuss:

  • How Scott and his business partner came up with the concept of this niche idea,
  • The research involved in verifying if a target market exist,
  • His hands-on involvement in the app design and the tools used in the development phase,
  • The value of a partnership versus doing everything yourself,
  • The low points he encountered in handling the project,
  • Their pre-marketing, monetization and launch plans for The Bloody Mary Chaser.

Pretty soon, you should be able to refer and share Bloody Mary experiences to your friends and never forget where you had the best one for your future visits. Check out their siteand sign up for you not to miss out. Bottoms up everyone!

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