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Discover how Chad’s “front-loading” strategy helps him better monetize his apps.

Chad Mureta is a best-selling author, full time appreneur, advisor and investor. He has built and sold five different app start ups and made millions of dollars in four different industries — mobile apps, print media, real estate, and internet marketing.

He is best known for spearheading the creation and marketing of over 200 apps with over 150+ million downloads.

He is the author and founder of App Empire, which has enabled tens of thousands of people to exit the rat race and live life on their terms.


00:29 – Has the philosophy of studying the app store and improving an already existing app changed in 2020?

03:53 – Ways in keeping people engaged in your apps.

08:37 – What to focus on in early stages and why retention is important.

11:40 – Specific app categories you should focus on today.

16:26 – Is Facebook still the end all, be all?

21:45 – Why simplifying your app is the way to go.

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