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My friend, Chris Ching, is the founder of CodeWithChris – the largest iOS channel on YouTube with close to 300K subscribers. This is our episode on my new podcast called Games with Entrepreneurs. You will discover how Chris started his blog and YouTube channel while at his full-time job, how he left that job to pursue CodeWithChris, and how good is he at nerdy pick-up lines.

Chris Ching is the Founder of CodeWithChris.


3:15 – Getting out of the comfort zone and started with blog writing
5:43 – The beginnings of CodeWithChris and its monetizing strategies
13:01 – Setting goals and holding one’s self accountable
14:03 – Money is good but doing things out of passion and with a clear mission is more satisfying
21:28 – There is value in helping people; and don’t be afraid of failure and starting all over again
45:59 – Witty, nerdy pick-up lines and other laughs.


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