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Chuapmobile - Stefano Argiolas

Chuapmobile – Stefano Argiolas


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About the Episode

Are you reskinning apps and finding little success? Well today’s guest is the CEO and co-founder of Chupamobile and he talks about the two categories that he’s seen apps have success. Also, if you are thinking about starting a marketplace of your own, listen to his story of the early days of Chupamobile and how they decided to become a marketplace for app source codes.

Stefano Argiolas is Co-Founder and CEO of Chupamobile.

Show Notes

If you are an avid listener of the Mobile App Chat podcast, you have probably heard most guest advising starting entrepreneurs to just go for it and just get an app out there as quickly as you can.  One avenue to do this is reskinning and our guest for this episode, Stefano Argiolas, will talk about a marketplace where you can buy and sell ready-made apps and games for both iOS and Android so you can launch an app in no Time.

Stefano is the Founder and CEO of Chupamobile and here are the highlights of my conversation with him:

  • With thousands of source codes available for developers, what category should a beginner be starting with,
  • What we may be doing wrong why our apps are not monetizing,
  • ASO, following and picking up trends, staying tuned to the App Store and other marketing schemes that we should always be focusing on to speedily zoom in on a potential hit apps,
  • Investing in reskinning and his opinion about the negative buzz about app flipping,
  • Aside from games, other categories with high probability to top the charts that we should set our eyes on,
  • How Stefano found developers  and the messaging he used to convince them to bring their source codes, and
  • The strategies he used to reach big brands and get them to buy their templates.

Show Mentions

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