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About the Episode

Coming up you will hear how today’s guest raised $150,000 from Ev Williams of Blogger and Twitter fame, from just a coffee meeting. Also listen to why having a coach can help you excel in your business, life, and health.

Tony Stubblebine is CEO and Founder at

Show Notes

Raising Capital Over Coffee

The story of how Tony raised money by having coffee with Ev Williams sans the board decks or prototypes didn’t just happen in a jiffy. In fact, from Tony’s perspective, it was 11 years in the making. Tony shared that his connection with Ev started a decade ago when he was his head of Engineering for Odeo. He came about this post in Odeo because he did great work in a tech media company called O’Reilly. He became really good with his skill, worked with the best people he could until he had a network of people whom he can be in friendly terms with and who he can approach. He might’ve lucked out but he also put in work earlier leave a strong impressive and get people to invest in his ideas.

How a Coached Helped him in Business, Life, and Health

In the past, Tony was way laid back, hands off and delegated a lot to his staff without giving them the direction they needed and this affected his business as investors had been commenting that he does not seem to be CEO material since he was too soft. This was the trigger why he hired a coach: so he can develop his killer instinct and get things done. During this time, he started meditating as this kept him grounded andthis prevented him to fold under pressure. In terms of his relationship with his staff, his coach led him through the realization on what he was doing wrong and gave him the tools that got him through it.

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