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Contact Hero - Vidal Graupera

Contact Hero – Vidal Graupera


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About the Episode

What are some categories that we should be looking out for in the mobile space? Well today’s guest has built apps for smart watches and he talks about why we should be paying attention to wearable devices. Also, listen to how he’s able to balance life as an indie developer while still at a corporate job.

Vidal Graupera is a serial app developer, author of Cross-Platform mobile development, and he’s the Director of Engineering @WalmartLabs.

Show Notes

The Potential of Wearable Devices

Vidal has built apps for the Pebble, Samsung and Android watches as he believes this is something that has a lot of potential. Similar to how a PDA was huge back then, these wearable devices can grow into a market which can be potential cash cows. Compared to phones, watches are very handy and the ones out now are incredibly powerful. A few years from now, Vidal is convinced that people will come up with amazing things to do with it and will all the untapped opportunities, it will enable a lot of apps like healthcare, sports, etc.

Being Both an Indie and an Employee

Vidal shares that balancing the corporate life and being an indie develop is tough and challenging. He doesn’t get enough sleep as he stays up late, gets up early and work on weekends. So he tries to find time by outsource things that he can such as using virtual assistants for app icons and artwork. He also tends to keep his projects simple.In the end, it is challenging but it is also fun and he’d rather be doing what he does than watching tv anyways.

What advice would you give for anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Try to build something that is simple and that you would use yourself. Show it to other people and try to expand it from there.

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