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Corona -Charles McKeever

Corona -Charles McKeever


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About the Episode

Are you considering starting your blog, podcast, or video show? Well listen to how today’s guest started his show and how doing so has led to many more opportunities and connections. Also, listen to why starting your app marketing early on in the development process is so essential to its success.

Charles McKeever is the Developer Evangelist for Corona.

Show Notes

Our guest today has developed a passion around one software, Corona, and with a good reason. Corona is software which allows you to publish for iOS, Android, Kindle and NOOK and gives developers, especially those just starting up in the app business, the tools needed relating to device and platform fragmentationto build games and apps relatively quick. Our guest’s podcast is a great source of knowledge and information to hone your skills in creating and stepping your app content up a notch through sharing of best practices and learning from his guests.

Today, we have Charles McKeever, Corona Lab’s current Developer Evangelist to share to us the following:

  • The driving force which made Charles start his own podcast,
  • How he scouts for developers and guests to grace his shows,
  • How he was able to land the job of Developer  Evangelist post,
  • The balancing actthat he does inthe delivery of his podcast to cater both technically-inclined Corona enthusiasts and the rest of the masses,
  • When the time to separate yourselfand when to merge your talents in the design, development and marketing phasesfor the success of the product,
  • The importance of building a platform and starting this as early as launching of the idea,
  • Tidbits on his background in Adobe and McDonald’s,
  • His plans of pumping up and expanding topics in his podcast.

To top it all, hang around until the end of the show to hear Charles’ interesting idea of a Dear John app that may just be a hit in the market.Those tongue-tied in breaking up with someone, this may just be the app of the century for you (wink, wink).


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Site: Corona Geek

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