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Cozy Apps - Chris Beshore

Cozy Apps – Chris Beshore


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About the Episode

How do you make money building niche apps? Well today’s guest has a serial killer app and he talks about value of niche apps and how to monetize them. Also, listen to his 3 ASO tips when it comes to building niche apps.

Chris Beshore is the founder of Cozy Apps.

Show Notes

The Value of His Niche App

Chris’s serial killer app is a niche with a lot of following and he has received numerous of correspondences, especially from criminology students, that the app is invaluable as it has a lot of information and resources which are really helpful for them. He had spent a lot of time in research to pull the data needed for this app and it is packed with in depth details about each subject including movies and documentaries. Due to this, the reviews had been great and his app does not get below five stars as people are finding that this is exactly what they want.

Monetizing through Niche Audiences

Chris began seeing returns in his investment after he slowly built an audience through a Facebook page and maintained it by hiring someone to manage the social networking site. He also pitched to niche websites and added ads to sites and forums where he got traffic for a low cost.

He also targeted the holidays by taking whatever is in his arsenal and modifying them to suit the occasion. He rebranded one of his apps to Santa’s calling and with a few hours of work, he got money coming in.

ASO Tips

Chris recommends that everybody should get Sensor Tower a try. The visuals, the research, and the optimization make this tool his number one resource. His second stop is Google AdWords and his last recommendation is going back to the basic: ask your target market what words they would search for if they are looking for something.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Persevere and don’t give up. Know that you are going to fail but don’t give up as there may be other ways to make it success. Just keep banging your head against the wall and you’ll figure things out.

Show Mentions

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