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This podcast interview was originally published on Daily Spark on August 08, 2016.

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Episode 16:

Steve Young was born in Myanmar (Burma) and moved to the Bay Area at the age up 6. In elementary school, he sold cassette tapes to my classmates, an experience which would begin his entrepreneurial journey

Throughout his corporate career, he continued to pursue side hustles. In 2011, he learned how to code in Corona and his first app hit #8 in educational games. Though he was making a few hundred dollars a month, he had no idea what to do next

In 2013 Steve started the App Masters Podcast, allowing him to network with and pick the brains of the top people in the app industry, a decision that changed everything for him and set him on the path for success

Today Steve’s app PR agency,, helps clients to get featured by Apple and maximize their exposure and results. Steve stopped by episode 16 to talk about app marketing, entrepreneurship and finding your unique path to success

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