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Developing Perspective – David Smith

Developing Perspective – David Smith


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About the Episode

Today’s guest is a successful indie app developer and host of the Developing Perspective podcast and he talks about how he generates ideas for his apps and how that helps with getting featured by Apple. Also, listen to the clever and unique way he monetizes his latest app with in-app purchases.

David Smith is an indie app developer and host of Developing Perspective.

Show Notes

Our guest for today is an app developer and a fellow podcaster, David Smith. David hosts the 15-minute action-packed show called Developing Perspective and he opens this episode by walking us a bit on how he records and manages his show.

Highlights of our discussion include:

  • How his app ideas vary from app to app — sometimes it’s an opportunity and at times it’s an itch that needs to scratching,
  • How David finds beta testers for his app creations,
  • The spinning point of letting go of his consulting career what made him turn his gears into the app business,
  • The strategies he use in naming conventions for search engine optimization, localization and translation services,
  • Clever tip jars and consumable in app purchases, and
  • Using social media as marketing and communication tool. 

A lot of people over think the initial process where they say they can’t start yet because theydon’t have the ‘hit’ idea yet. David shares to us the opposite — that the best place to start is simply to build something to be able to gain the value of experience. As David states it, putting too much pressure on that first concept is usually counter-productive, so go ahead and build that app!

Show Mentions

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