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Coming up in this video, I’m going to share a strategy that we’re coining the “double up” strategy and it’s a strategy that we’ve used to drive downloads for as little as $0.23. Stay tune.


What is up App Nation? It is Steve P Young, Founder of And I’m not going to be on video today, ’cause I want to show you some things in the ranks of an app launch that we just did in late January. And I want to share this strategy that I’m terming – that I’m coining – the double up strategy.

So I wrote this e-book, and I’m going to link it up into the video, or in the show notes. Wherever you might be watching this – called “Double your downloads – 5 proven strategies to doubling your downloads.”

And I started using these strategies, and people started using these strategies to see some amazing results. But I started thinking like, “What if we did some of these strategies at the same time?” Strategies such as the paid to free, the exclusive angle, ASO, localization. What if we all combined it all at once, to create an even bigger wave? Rather than just getting 100% percent increased in downloads using one strategy and then another 100% increase in downloads using another strategy – what if we just did all of it at once?

So I started testing this out. And I’m going to put this as sort of the part 1 of this test, because I’m actually doing another big test, that I can’t wait to share with you later on. But for this part of the video, this is part one – I’ll share with you something that really worked well for us.

So this is one of my clients, and I’m actually going to hide a bunch of their stuff, because – just in case they don’t want people to know that this is what we did for them. So, in a nutshell, this is the double up strategy. They paid us, so from what we – well from what they paid us, we were able to drive 10’s of thousands of downloads upon their launch week. And from what they – if you do that calculation, we drove CPI. So cost per downloads to a mere 23 cents, right?

So here it is. And the first thing we did for them was the PR campaign. So as you see, that’s when it first started. So if you’re wondering if PR actually works, well you can see from the chart. Just based on the publications that we’re able to get them on, it started climbing up the charts. So this the sub category, the yellow and the red that you’re seeing. Sub category under games for action and arcade, which is what the client was under, okay?

So now I’m doubling up now. Now I want to see what will happen if I started implementing some of the strategies that I’ve been sharing. So some new thing that we just added to our agency, is actually a Twitter influencer campaign. So this is where we get a bunch of influencers to share about the app at the same time. And you can see the impact that it had on the ranks and downloads. It’s amazing.

And you could almost see it by the hour. Now App Annie, which I’m using right now, if you go in the hour tab, you can see the climb in ranks by the hour, when that campaign just starts. It’s amazing to see. So now I started planning out. I say, “Hey, we’re going to do the PR campaign right when we update the app. And then we’re going to hit the Twitter campaign about that Monday afterwards.”

And the very next day, to keep the momentum going, I ran a paid to free campaign, right there. So rather than just running the paid to free campaign – which we’ve done in the past. I really wanted to hit the top charts. Now we had a very limited budget here. So we didn’t spend a lot on Twitter, nor did we spend a lot on the PR campaign itself. But we – this was a – initial small test for me. Just to see the impact on downloads and ranks. If we could just spend a little bit. And later, later on in this month, I’m going to spend a little bit more, and I’ll share the results with you.

But this is the double up strategy. It’s how do you combine the different strategies that I’ve been sharing? Whether it’s ASO, whether – if you have a budget, running a Twitter Influencer campaign, a paid to free campaign all at once. So the loads of downloads, the spikes of downloads all happen concurrently into creating a bigger wave. And you can see right here, this blue chart – the blue line. That’s overall US gain. So we’re really starting to rank. We hit the top 500. Now not that high, and for the limited budget that we had – not bad actually. But I want to get more, so I’m going to try to hit top 50 the next time, with an even bigger budget.

So that’s the double up strategy – combining different things. And what we’ve been doing before was combining the paid to free with different strategies. But what if you could combine – for example, the paid to free campaign, with my black hat ASO strategy. So in case you guys don’t know this, this is a strategy I’ve used to increase key word rankings using App store reviews. And you can check that out. If you go to All one word.

But what if he started doing that, right? Now it makes sense for you to get an increase in reviews. Because you’re getting an increase in downloads. So there are various different strategies. If you know of some strategies that are working for you, start combining them to create a bigger wave, and a bigger spike in the App store.

Now ultimate goal for me – for you probably, is to start hitting the top 20, top 10 in free games, free apps. So that you can hopefully – because a game is good enough, it will stay there, just like some of the top apps have stayed under the top 3.

So there it is. Let me know what you think. If you got anything out of this, like I said – like the video, subscribe. Do all the great YouTube things. But also try it out, and let me know how it goes for you. I love hearing back from listeners or readers who say, “Steve, I just generated 10 000 downloads using your strategy.” I love hearing that stuff, ’cause I take a screenshot, and then show my wife. And then she gives me a big, fat kiss.

Alright guys, that’s it for this week, and I’ll see you next week. Bye.

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