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DOWN - Colin Hodge

DOWN – Colin Hodge


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About the Episode

Do you feel like you need to launch your idea as a mobile app? Well, listen to how today’s guest built the most honest dating app that actually started as a web only product. Also, listen to the story of when he almost got arrested at Apple Headquarters after his app was rejected from the App Store.

Colin Hodge is the founder and CEO of DOWN.

Show Notes

The app in our limelight today, Down (Formerly Bang with Friends), may be the most honest dating app I have encountered yet. Unafraid of being edgy, Down puts females in equal footing and gives them the same liberties as males. In our show today is the company’s CEO and Founder, Colin Hudge, to tell us what happens when someone’s down and someone just wants a date.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Colin:

  • Down’s statistics including the surprising data that women tend to choose the option ‘down’more than men,
  • Where the original idea came from and his background as CEO and Founder of Cloud 8 Studios,
  • Making their presence known through South by Southwest parties, ‘how to’ pages, and raunchy, in-you-face posters and logos,
  • How they raised a million and their monetization plans,
  • Leaving Microsoft, his regrets  and the criticism and other feedback from investors, and
  • The popular story of a time when he got thrown out of the Apple headquarters. 

Colin had also shared success stories and happy endings that their app had helped bring together, including his most favorite one.

Show Mentions

Fav app: Waze: (iTunes | Google Play)

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