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The tip that we will learn today is courtesy of Fanbytes, who handles influencer marketing in Snapchat. I sent a client over to them at one point and we had amazing results so they are now sharing their formulas of success. The killer way to structure your Snapchat ad that we will learn from this video came from a case study for, a survey app which rewards people with gift cards when they answer questions.

The Sandwich Ad Format

  • Find influencers who would be able to connect with the audience that the app is after.
  • Hyping Up – Influencers make a 10-second ad where they talk and advocate the brand.
  • 10-second ad – Fanbytes creates a standard 10-second ad for a client and the influencer posts this after that in their own channel.
  • Reinforcement – Influencer will come back on to reinforce the message.
  • After all these, present the swipe up link for people to be able to download the app.

This tactic amazing! If you want more of these, we have other case studies for influencer marketing which can bring you phenomenal success at Check us out!

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