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Push notifications is still the number one way to get people back to your app. The normal way of getting people to accept push notifications is right during download where they get a templated pop up asking them to do so. Do not do that. It’s horrible, I personally always say no to this. Engage your user first and ask for the push notifications at the right time.

In this video, I introduce Wakeouts, an app which is doing really well and how smooth they introduced push notifications. This app gives your morning routines so you wake up really quickly and once you are in the app, it will suggest that, for you not to miss your Wakeout, with your permission, they will notify you when you’ve scheduled your Wakeout. This is the point where the pop up will appear to enable notifications by allowing the app then after that, it will ask you to set up the time when you want to get notified.

This is the best way to onboard your user – smooth and with value.

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