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Creating and operating business is a dream of many people, but it is much easier said than done. There is a lot to do and take care of to not only start a business, but also to operate it successfully. Thankfully, the advancements in technology have helped to make day to day business operations simpler and more streamlined.

But in order for that technology to work well and remain stable, you need to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to potential errors. However, searching through logs manually to find errors can be a painstaking and long process. As a result, you should consider using an error tracking software or services to help. A service out there like Stackify helps you find errors in your code and can save your company a lot of time and money.

With that in mind, this article is going to look at some of the many benefits of error tracking during operation, app development and for business monetization as a whole.

Error Tracking Can Reduce the Cost of Development

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One of the most common times for errors to rear their ugly heads is during development of a particular software or app. Finding errors during the development process is a common but very annoying process. However, using an error or bug tracking system can help to prioritize the bugs so you can deal with the immediately and easily.

This will make sure people on your team can work on high priority potential issues, and not waste time on smaller things. This will include the productivity of your team, which is always a good thing to strive for. This can improve your ROI as well, as you won’t need to invest as much money and employee hours into the development phase as errors can be detected much simpler.

Error Tracking Can Save You Money by Finding Problems Sooner

One of the largest benefits of error tracking is finding problems as soon as possible. Searching manually for errors is incredibly tough, and error tracking software can often do it automatically, and alert you of errors before they become a big problem for end users.

So how does finding problems sooner help you to save money? Well, the big reason here is that error tracking can save you from the dreaded issue of downtime. Downtime occurs when your site, web app, application or other piece of software is down and unavailable to use. Downtime can cost companies a ton of money and can be tough to bounce back from.

If your website or companies web apps are down, you cannot operate your business and thus, will be unable to monetize for that period. In addition to the direct monetary losses we just mentioned, you will likely lose the trust of some customers if you’re down for long periods of time, which might make them reconsider their relationship with you.

It Can Help You Identify Trends

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Another huge benefit of error tracking is that most software or services in the space allow for companies to keep a detailed record of all errors in your code. In addition to seeing the errors, many tools will let you know who fixed the error, how long it took and more. This provides helpful metrics for future errors, as you can go back and try to detect trends.

All of this together will help teams be able to analyze and detect patterns in errors, to hopefully reduce them even more in the future. Simply put, without being able to link these errors or see the trends, it will be hard to reduce errors and get them dealt with quickly, as you will need to essentially treat each error as unique from every other one you have dealt with.

It Can Help Deliver a Better Product and Service

If your company is using an error tracking service, there is a good chance more potential bugs and errors will be caught, thus giving you a higher-quality product, web app or application.

Some error tracking tools might also allow end users to report issues or errors that they experience, which can definitely help your company stay on top of errors and deal with new ones before they become a massive problem. Allowing feedback can also help a customer feel as if they are helping and truly making a difference for your business.

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to show you the many benefits that error tracking can have for your business, in many different areas. Without error tracking, errors and other issues could wreak havoc on your business, and cost you a lot of time, energy and money.

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