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TIP #1: Don’t Kill Yourself Over One Keyword
My top tip for ASO publishers today is to roll with the punches on keyword ranks in the App Store.

Sometimes you try so hard to optimize for a particular keyword – you’ve tried it in your keywords field, then your subtitle or even your title – and you STILL can’t rank high enough to be seen by users (i.e. position less than 8 for most keywords, or greater than 25 for very large keywords). This experience can be frustrating, yes but you’re not alone in that regard.

If the algorithm has spoken and you’re not ranking high enough on that term, it’s important to seek other opportunities that you could be losing out on by stubbornly trying against the odds to rank on that one golden term. It doesn’t mean you have to abandon that term forever – try again after your app grows in overall download volume or when you conversion rate has posted significant gains.

Moreover, if that term is so strategically important to success for you, consider buying that term as an exact match keyword in Apple Search Ads.

You’ll get downloads from that term that you wouldn’t otherwise capture, and as a bonus you can run creative set tests on that term (if you use a single keyword ad group) to try to figure out how to raise your conversion rate, which can boost your chances of ranking organically, and to boot you’ll get data on the downstream performance and retention rate!

Gabe Kwakyi, Co-Founder & CEO at Incipia.

TIP #2: Optimize for Conversions

Updating keywords in the Google Play short description has actually little impact on keyword rankings.

We believe that it’s better to optimize this field for conversion purposes. We suggest adding a strong CTA in your short description, using a nice and catchy voice and to use emojis if relevant.

On the opposite, updating keywords for Google Play app’s title has a much bigger impact on keyword rankings. In other words; we recommend optimizing your title for search and traffic while using your short description to enhance conversion.

Laurie Galazzo is the CMO at AppTweak.

TIP #3: Focus on High Traffic Keywords

My #1 tip for ASO would be to focus on high traffic keywords (traffic scores greater than 50) no matter the competition.

And make sure you are using those keywords in your app title.

If you’re looking to get into the hundreds of downloads a day, then you need to focus on keywords with actual volume. In the past, I used to suggest going after low competition keywords, but those tend to have low to medium traffic. And while you maybe able to obtain a top 5 ranking for those keywords, it will be hard to reach the hundreds of daily downloads.

What I’ve also noticed is that apps with thousands of organic downloads tend to have a brand associated with it. Thus, when deciding on a name for your app, try to pick one that is short and is related to the generic term that you are targeting.

Examples of great short brand names that are related to the main high-traffic keyword:

– Unplug for meditation
– Playlist for music
– Slumber for sleep stories

Steve P. Young is the Founder at App Masters.



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