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Coming up is user acquisition panel with experts from N3TWORK, DraftKings and Game of Whales to share their top UA secrets. This is from a Pollen VC and SVB event that I helped organize and I want to thank Pollen VC for letting me run the recording on the podcast.

You are about to discover a heap of knowledge from creative optimization to coming up with out of the box ideas for creatives and what downstream metrics are the most important.

You will discover:

– How to optimize your creative when UA is becoming more and more automated
– What aspect of the creative process should smaller publishers focus on
– How to come up with out of the box ideas for creative
– Why you should A/B test your monetization schemes
– What are the top of the funnel metrics that you should focus on
– What are the downstream metrics that are the most important

Joseph Kim is a Partner & Podcast Producer at Deconstructor of Fun.

Jonathan Y. Lau runs Growth at DraftKings.
Nebojsa Radovic runs the User Acquisition Platform at N3TWORK.
Doron Kagan is the Co-Founder & CEO at Game of Whales

Visit Pollen VC:


04:56 – The aspects of the creative process to focus your resources on
08:12 – How to win when competing with unlimited budget companies
09:40 – Sourcing of creatives: ideas and tools to come up with crazy, out-of-the-box ideas
12:57 – Top-of-funnel metrics that you should be looking at; and the types of companies or games that you should be measuring downstream metrics for
20:29 – How to optimze creatives for smaller teams with limited resources to get the biggest bang for your buck
24:13 – Training your engineers, not just your marketing team, to think from the A/B testing perspective of game development or from the post-release state


Pollen VC is the market leader in capital-efficient funding for mobile app developers and digital publishers. They provide lines of credit to app publishers allowing them to unlock their unpaid revenues and eliminate payout delays of up to 60+ days by connecting to their app store and ad network platforms.

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