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If have local apps or those which are specific to a certain market, keyword gems which helped our clients grow download share those used in sports teams. Take a look at the list of the sports teams in the area or region you are targeting choose those which are:

  • Relevant to your app,
  • Has high traffic, and
  • Has low competition

In the data I have pulled, I found that keywords derived from popular sports teams rank high in traffic but low in terms of difficulty. What’s exciting with this discovery is that both tools that I rely on for this information — Sensor Tower and Mobile Action — are actually stating the same trend. If both tools are telling me that certain a keyword has low competition, it equates to the increased likelihood that those words are going to rank high. The only downside to this is that these keywords –example: Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots — are really long.

Another hack that we did was to place the keywords into a Spanish / Mexico app name. I have shared in the past that the app name has the most weight in terms of ASO keyword rankings so this was a clever way of hiding the fact that we were going after these keywords.

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