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Fingertip Maestro - Marcin Teodoru

Fingertip Maestro – Marcin Teodoru


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About the Episode

Is there a project or app idea that you’ve been wanting to work on but have yet to take the first step? Well today’s guest talks about how failing fast and often has led him to find what he’s really passionate about. Also, listen to the one ASO tool he uses to find the hidden keyword gems.

Marcin Teodoru is the creator of Fingertip Maestro.

Show Notes

Our guest for this episode had described his journey as an entrepreneur as a rodeo: there will always be that fear of falling but some of the fun is in failing. Marcin Teodoru, founder of Fingertip Maestro, literally had his 6-figure bank account slashed down to a 1-figure amount during the market crash but this did not stop him from continuously trying different things and from giving back to the community.

Other highlights of my discussion with Marcin today are found below:

  • How the initial idea of Fingertip Maestro came about, cracking their 200k download mark and how they celebrated,
  • Lucid Lab Technology, the other company he ran,  and what the business they ran there,
  • ASO strategies they have incorporated, the tools they used and what traction they have seen so far,
  • Indiegogo: learn about their charitable work, their goals and the impact it brings to the community.
  • Marcin’s inspiring story on his failures, which started at a young age, and how he continues to overcome them, and
  • Going pro, adding vocals and the things which are to come for Fingertip Maestro.

I would like to encourage everybody to support Marcin and his team’s noble cause through Indiegogo as the effect of your efforts can ripple through and impact many lives.

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