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Flurry - Mike Rollins

Flurry – Mike Rollins


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About the Episode

Are you releasing your app without any analytics? Well today’s guests tell us why that is a BIG mistake and the key metrics you should be tracking in your app. Also, listen to an awesome feature that you might have missed in your Flurry analytics.

Show Notes

Mobile analytics can open up a floodgate of opportunities for you to grow your business. Knowing your data will lead you to identify your most valuable users, measure your success and acquire and retain users, among other things.

For this episode, we have Alex Freedman and Mike Rowland of Flurry, to guide us on what we should be doing to make sure we are tracking the right elements and incorporating the right analytics in your apps.

Alex Freedman is the Senior Manager of Analytics and is responsible for developing and retaining key clients, mobile business strategies, and answering client queries from the nitty-gritty down to the high level questions about mobile data.

Mike Rowland is the Lead Engineer of the Partner Integration Team and is responsible for getting people integrated into the platform which could span from being integrated in SDK all the way up to being integrated to the all other systems that they have in Flurry.

Here are the highlights of our discussion:

  • An overview of Flurry analytics: how they track 1.2 billion unique users in their platform monthly, how they manage data from 90% of the world’s smart phones and how it is working with about 500 apps,
  • The basic functions that you will get once you get integrated in Flurry’s systems,
  • Episodes to watch and events to follow to capture the information you need,
  • How to get integrated into Flurry system and how its software service models works,
  • Parameters, the platforms they integrate with and what an android application integration looks like,
  • Identifying and acquiring your most valuable users using Flurry using geography and demographics as well as understanding the different personas of your users through segments,
  • Measuring your success using the funnels in Flurry after you have gathered your data and how to start acquiring more of those users
  • The number of events for a user to be qualified as a quality user and the different quality metrics across different campaigns, and
  • Questions from our live listeners ranging for update times and crash support.

This awesome discussion highlights the need for us to collect the data earlier on so don’t let this be an after thought and make this a cycle if you aim to get the most ROI.

Show Mentions



– Alex’s fav app: The Sketch app: (Google Play)

– Mike’s fav app: My Fitness Pal: (iTunes)

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