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Earlier this year, I tried to go big and part of that was trying to reach lofty sales goals and looking at what the traditional digital marketing sales agencies were doing. I looked at what the competition was doing and thought that I had to offer the same stuff so I scaled up some aspects of the business. But happened was, I expanded too quickly so it dropped me to a hole which was difficult to get out of. After that, I realized that instead of mimicking my competitions’ strategies, I should focus more on my expertise and those which I can do for my customers and leverage on these to excel. I listed down three of my fortes namely:

  • Getting clients featured in Apple – something that my competitors do not do.
  • I’m killer on ASO.
  • My paid-to-free campaign.

From this point on, I decided that I will be okay with being small and I will focus instead on how I can help my target clientele – indies, start-ups on tight budgets. I assessed services which was taking too much time and cut them off and focused on those which have big impact on downloads.

I looked for customers who can benefit from my skillset which will lead to results.

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