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Today’s guest previously sold his tech company and you will discover the criteria he used to start his current venture. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares why it’s so critical for the founder to provide customer support.

Owen Clark is the Founder at uBrand.

Show Notes

Criteria for New Projects

After Owen sold his company, he had an urgency to start something but he just didn’t jump to anything which came to mind. In coming up with his new project, Owen had a list of criteria and if that venture does not meet any of them, he let it pass. There was a bunch of them but the main ones included:

He doesn’t want something which will require two sides of the coin to make it work, and
He doesn’t want to buy himself a job — he wanted to do something once and it’ll pay for life.
Founders Providing Customer Support

Owen takes care of customer service for UBrand because he wants to know first hand what is happening. He wants to hear the feedback not just from their clients but also from their clients’ clients. He takes the feedback, analyzes it, figures out why it is happening and thinks of possible systems which can fix those issues so that they don’t happen again. He also believes that no one gives customer service as good as the owner.

Failed Tactics

A strategy that did not work as well as he thought was talking to small business owners with just one location. They saw a pattern wherein these solopreneurs were too scared to do anything new. They found that guys with 2 or multiple locations had a totally differnt mindset. The were proactive, they learn how to delegate, they were growth oriented.

Show Mentions

-Fav app: Slack: (iTunes | Google Play)

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