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I have shared in the past that two of my favorite tools to get keyword data are Sensor Tower and Mobile Action but I have been hearing that not everyone can afford these. People need free tools to get early traction to gain money, and then be able to afford these tools.

Everything is data driven when we make decisions which key words to focus on. We compile a long list of words then we take a look at the word’s performance in terms of traffic and competition through Sensor Tower and Mobile Action. I highlight those which have low competition then I take a look at the number of apps showing up for that particular keyword. These are the things that you should find as keywords which have smaller number of apps tend to have low competition.

Once you have already built your own list of keywords, throw this over to AppAnnie. This is a free tool where you can key in your words and AppAnnie can give you data for it. What you should be looking for is the number of apps which show up for that particular term.

To get a hold of traffic data, you can use Apple Search Ads, which is also free. Go to Campaign, put your app in and you should see keywords suggested for your app. Apple obviously knows that ranking of the words that is why they are suggesting those for you to use. You can install a plugin so you can see actual scores when you run this because if you don’t, you will just see a blue bar.

You now have the search score and the number of apps associated with the word so you now have a good sense on which keywords you have a chance of ranking well on.

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