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GBA4iOS - Riley Testut

GBA4iOS – Riley Testut


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About the Episode

Today guest is an 18-year-old iOS developer who created a Game Boy Advance simulator on the iPhone that made Apple change its app distribution policy twice! Also, listen to how he learned how to code with a book, YouTube, and Google at the age of 13.

Riley Testut is an independent iOS developer and creator of GBA4iOS.

Show Notes

Remember the days when you went crazy with Game Boys? We have found an app solution for you if you are feeling nostalgic. Our guest for today is the 18-year-old IOS developer and creator of GBA4IOS, Riley Testut .

GBA4IOS (Game Boy Advance for IOS) is basically a simulation of the Game Boy Advance platform for you to play these types of games in your Apple device, making two worlds collide.The original GBA4IOS had been downloaded 15M times when it came out a year ago and 2.0 alone had been downloaded 2.2M as of March 5th. Beat that!

Below are the highlights of my discussion with Riley:

  • How his creation came about, how to get access to the app  and how it first started with his circle of friends;
  • His use of Google analytics for tracking of downloads;
  • Being self-taught simply through books and Google and building his first app, Shoot Around, with no prior programming experience;
  • His feelings about having these download numbers at 18 years old and his thoughts on the Flappy Bird mania; and
  • Internships, college, summer, being featured in MacRumors and having a girlfriend because of his app.

What’s amazing about all these is that Riley has no plans in monetizing this success – no ads, no donations – just free for everyone to enjoy!

Show Mentions
– Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK
– Fav app: Tweetbot: (iTunes)


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