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I have received an inquiry from one of my listeners stating that his app is not ranking for any keywords in Google Play. He has an app on Inspirational Quotes so he was targeting common words surrounding this category so on the onset, I have advised not to target the obvious.

We pulled up his app and I point out that I was using a Chrome plug in which enabled me to view the app’s short descriptions in Google Play. If you have no budget to drive downloads, my secret is to drive ASO by building a long list of keywords by thinking what people could be searching for when they look for your app but apart from that, think outside of the box –include books in your app’s genre, for example. After building your list, take a look at their stats (traffic scores and difficulty) by using both Sensor Tower and Mobile Action so you can see a comparison. Having seen these, go for the words which have high traffic and low competition. Pull the data to figure out the words worth tracking.

After this, you can take a look at how you can improve your screenshot and long descriptions, ensuring that you use the keywords that you will be targeting.

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