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Get Set Games - Rob Segal

Get Set Games – Rob Segal

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About the Episode

Coming up I’ve got Rob Segal who is the co-founder of Get Set Games and makers of the wildly popular titles – Mega Jump, Mega Run and Disney’s Monsters Inc Run. He’s going to tell us how his company went from a small four-person team to an 11 person team with over 50 million downloads and a partnership with Disney. Stay tune, this is going to be an awesome episode!

About Get Set Games

From website:

Get Set Games was founded in 2009 in Toronto, Ontario by four friends. Since then, the studio has become one of the leading independent game studios working on mobile devices. With over 50 million downloads to date on Apple and Android mobile devices, Get Set Games have created a well-loved and enduring series of games featuring the lovable monster Redford and his forest-dwelling friends.

Mega Mortem with Rob Segal and Matt Coombe

Show Mentions

– Mega Jump (iTunes | Google Play)

– Mega Run (iTunes | Google Play)

– Monsters, Inc Run (iTunes)

– Subway Surfers (iTunes | Google Play)

Casual Connect

Favorite App: Kingdom Rush (iTunes | Google Play)

– Grim Joggers (iTunes | Google Play)

– Tennis in the Face (iTunes | Google Play)

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