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Give Good - Katie McCarthy

Give Good – Katie McCarthy


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About the Episode

Have you heard about businesses coaches or even considered hiring one of your own? Well today’s guest talks about how asking yourself more questions will actually yield better results. Also, listen to the part of the show where I reveal why my most successful times were also my biggest failures.

Katie McCarthy is a business coach and host of the Give Good Podcast.

Show Notes

Asking Yourself Leads to Better Results 

Coaching is more of a conversation and one of the jobs of coaches is asking you questions that you either didn’t think about or have been avoiding answering. This is because questions can be the lever that we can use to open a stuck lid of a paint can. Take a moment to take a step back and interact with yourself because the conversations that make a difference are those that you haven’t looked at before. You have to shift your mindset from looking for answers to looking for the right questions. You don’t ever stop asking questions in life but you will internally know when your question is satisfied. Some questions that may ask yourself as a starting point are:

What are you committed to?

What do you really want for your future?

If you can have it go however you want it to go, how would your day look like?

What actions are you currently taking to build what you are aspiring for?

Success Turning Into Failures 

In Q1, Katie and I had an exercise where I determined the number I wanted to get to. After that, I thought of that number as an empty vessel where I thought of how to fill it up – a layer of consulting, a layer of sponsorships – to get to my goal of $10k.  I had a plan in place but I lost it all in Q2. I got stuck in the day to day execution and had lost my greater vision. I stopped analyzing and growing and now I am reminded that even if everything is going well, I still need to get a view of the longer trajectory.

Show Mentions

– Book: A More Beautiful Question

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