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Glide – Adam Korbl

Glide – Adam Korbl


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About the Episode

Do you want to discover how to use social media when promoting your mobile app? Well today’s guest talks about their strategy and how they have used YouTube to engage and grow their user base. Also, listen to his story of a previous start-up experience and how that led him down the path of entrepreneurship.

Adam Korbl is the Co-Founder & Chief Product / Marketing Officer at Glide.

Show Notes

YouTube For Engagement

When Adam’s team was looking for platforms and tools for their social media strategy to build a stronger presence and acquire users, they found YouTube as the best way to capture what their brand was trying to express. As building relationships and satisfying the needs of their users are important to them, they created video blogs which engaged their users with Glide. Moreover, since they learned that they have lots of users in the deaf community, they created videos specifically targeted for them. They started seeing the number of views increase and users interacting with posts.

Learning His Life-Long Lessons the Hard Way

Adam’s first start up experience happened from 1997-2001 where he found his place in an e-commerce venture which really took off and they became one of the most trafficked sites in the internet. It was an exhilarating ride and they were making millions in sales but they did not give a thought in making a sustainable business model. It was all about growth and not about satisfying their users so it was only a matter of time before they filed Chapter 11 when the business crash and burned.

He shared that it was a humbling and painful experienced but it served as a life-long lesson in terms of focusing on the right values in life and in business. It became a spring board for him to become an entrepreneur and he had eventually found himself building in house apps, as well as consulting work for small to medium-sized companies. 

What advice would you give to anyone looking to build a mobile app?

Do a lot of researchin advance before you get started. People sometimes think their idea is original only to find out that space is already taken. Or at times, they have already invested in an idea but somewhere down the line, they would realize it is not technically feasible.

Show Mentions

– Fav app: Flipboard: (iTunes | Google Play)

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