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GrowIt! - Mason Day

GrowIt! – Mason Day


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About the Episode

You’ll hear how today’s entrepreneur founded his app company with funding from his employer. Also, listen to the big set back in his company and how he used Pinterest to turn it all around.

Mason Day is Co-Founder at GrowIt!

Show Notes

How to Get Funding From an Employer:

Do not be afraid of what an employer might say if you have plans of expanding into app development. Most employers would consider it a feather on their cap to have an employee succeed in the app industry. Mason got his employer to fund his project by being upfront about it, explained how he plans to go about it, showed how much he had done towards having his dream fulfilled. Employers, when they see how an employee is committed and passionate about a project, and knowing the work ethics of said employee will normally offer to fund said project without needing a lot of persuasion.  Mason advises to be clear about what you want, know where you want to go and how you want it done. Most employers are more savvy about product development than you may realize and the budget that you may think enormous may sound reasonable them.

How to use Pinterest to turn around a company:

Pinterest gives a local angle to a product such as GrowIt! Local was a keyword in Mason’s app as GrowIt! Is all about growing plants. It is an app that caters to a special niche market and obviously plants that grow in the East Coast might not thrive in the West Coast. Pinterest provided the impetus for the keyword “local” that is very important to an app such as GrowIt!.

The target of GrowIt! Was twofold: (1)The gardeners who have years of experience to share and want to share that knowledge on a social platform and (2) the would-be-garderners who would like to garden but do not have much knowledge and may want to reach out to the experienced ones. Pinterest is therefore an ideal social platform for these two types of gardeners to meet.  Mason advises that beautiful pictures is one way to generate interest on Pinterest.

Keywords are essential to Pinterest. Mason advises to make sure than when using Pinterest to choose keywords that work.

Show Mentions

GrowIt! Pinterest

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