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App Radar is changing how App Store Optimization is done. The tool helps developers get their apps and mobile games discovered in the app stores and manages your entire ASO workflow through one simple interface. Not only that, once your ASO is fixed, App Radar will also help you set up optimized Apple Search Ads to help you scale up your User Acquisition results.

Industry-leading companies like Kolibri Games, Tivola Games, NerByte & iTranslate rely on their platform and expertise to drive organic installs from app stores, to their apps and games.

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We have a fun conversation where you will discover how to get your on-boarding process right (with examples), how to align your multichannel campaigns to re-engage users and how using a fun, but generic content FAILED as a marketing strategy.

Anna Boguslavska is the Engagement Manager at Blindfeed.

Show Notes

Making your On-Boarding Process Right

A lot of companies make the common mistake of building an amazing product, launching it and then leaving the users to figure it out. Believing that their product is great, they think their customers will somehow figure their way around it without any additional guidance.

The whole goal of onboarding is to be as helpful as you can be and add value to your every interaction with the users. The first thing to do is to determine your “wow moment” and then take your user there as smoothly as possible.

Streamline the focus of the user. Do not add a button with multiple functions that allow the users to login, sign up or refer friends all at once because that will only be confusing. It’s a mistake to do it.

Aligning Multi-Channel Campaigns to Re-Engage Users

If your product is not only app-focus but has web pages and portals as well, it is important to have a coherent story.

It is very important that your message is consistent, whether it’s pushing the in-app messages, browser applications or emails. This is for users not to feel disconnected.

Coming up with Engaging Content

It’s a common mistake to believe that users will love fun and amazing content. It’s tempting to believe that this type of content by itself will convince them to convert. If the content is super good, the users will likely open it, but it doesn’t guarantee conversion. They might be entertained with the message, but it stops there.

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