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Dennis Bowles

Dennis Bowles

Dex Eugenio

Dex Eugenio

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About the Episode

Coming up, this is a special episode where two friends I’ve met because of the podcast come on and we all share and critique our half baked ideas. It’s one of my favorite questions during an interview so I thought it’d be fun to do an all half baked ideas episode.

Also, I giving something away a special prize for one lucky commenter, so make sure you listen all the way through.

And lastly, let me know in the comments what you think of this episode. Do you love it or do you hate it?

Dennis Bowles is the host of the iPhone App Experiment Podcast.

Dex Eugenio is the founder of eMCeSqrd.

The Winners

Updated 9/14:

Looks like Steve takes down Dex and Dennis in the first ever App Idol.

Winner of Pebble: Congrats Jason Burke for winning the Pebble (even though he didn’t vote for me).


  • Not Whuffo says:

    Hey, what’s up guys. Awesome podcast! I really love the Half Baked ideas. Hope to see more of these shows too.

    My vote goes to Battleshots.

    One because I used to love Battleship when I was a kid, and still do.

    And two.

    I used to love Drinking when I was a kid, and still do.

    Battleshots marries the best of both worlds, which makes me very happy.

    I really like the idea of integrating FaceTime with it too.

    Great idea, very cool.

  • Yohann Taieb says:

    Hey guys, it was fun listening, and definitely a unique podcast idea!

    I pretty much like all ideas. The social gift suggestion one is great but you gotta compete with amazon and walmart (yes they do have something similar) and and shopycart.

    My favorite idea is the one about remembering dates and names. Connect is to FB, and done!

    You all take care.

  • Julian Emilio Alvarez says:

    Great podcast and great ideas from everyone! It really impacted me how sharing an idea with two other people could expand your idea so much further and to other’s likings as well.

    I would have to say that my favorite idea was Dex’s architecture app. This app is great because of the great variety of uses! Out of all the other ideas, this one would have the biggest market in terms of people needing or wanting it. Dennis really expanded the idea greatly by stating the ‘fun aspect’ of there app, where it then opens it for many people other than just architectures to use. Steve’s idea on the clothing for women is just brilliant as well. To expand on this app, I would say that adding tools to crop the picture you used would be better than having to go and edit the photo on Photoshop, which would be very time consuming. For example, you take a picture of your friend and with the given tools, you can crop out his outline and then place him on the live camera screen to see where he’d look in different places. Then, if you like how it looks, you can save the picture! The possibilities for this app are endless which allows anyone to use it!

    Overall this was a great podcast and I learned a lot from it! You all three did a great job and had amazing ideas! Thanks for taking the time to make these podcast! I find them very useful as a developer!

  • patricia says:

    ” The social gift suggestion idea is my favorite”
    Patty Genuine

  • Dennis Bowles says:

    “Not W” had the best comment so far (because it mentioned my idea lol).

    Loved the podcast Steve. We should do it again soon!

  • Jason M. Burke, CCPS says:

    Great Podcast Guys!

    Gotta Vote for Battle Shots, can be done right now and I could have played it last night at the “Buck Party” I was at with a bunch of Navy guys.

    NEED the Bad Husband App!

  • Scott Krebs says:

    Loved the episode. Really helped to generate a few ideas of my own. Being a regular listener of MobileAppChat and The IPhone App Experiment this episode reminded me of a crossover episode on TV.

    My favorite idea I’d say had to be the ‘Gift for your Spouse’. I’m a terrible gift giver and this would come in handy. Although, I’d agree with Dex that the original idea was sort of ‘stalkish’, I liked where the idea evolved to being more of a ‘gift register’ type of thing. To further the idea you could send your husband/wife push notifications as nudges and reminders. As mentioned you could tie this idea in with the ‘Important Date Remembering’ app idea as well.

    On a much higher scope this really got me to thinking about ideas for ‘partner’ apps that a husband and wife could use together to send messages, reminders, play games etc. together.

    Good job guys and thanks for the idea catalyst!

  • Michael Arnold says:

    Hey Guys,

    First off, just want to say thanks for the podcast, I’m just trying to break in to getting my first app developed and have learned a TON of great info from your podcast that will for sure help me be successful. Hopefully in a year or two you’ll ask me to be on your podcast!

    As far as my favorite idea, I liked the Battleshot and the Invisitext, but I think the best was Steve’s idea about finding good present ideas for loved ones through tracking social media likes and pages visited. Maybe it could be something that installs in a browser that tracks activity and things they are looking at, though there might be some privacy issues there that would have to be resolved first.

    Anyways, thanks again for the podcast and keep em coming!

  • Rebecca K says:

    My favorite idea is the personalized gift suggestions. Maybe it could also have the right cloth size, as it is always a pain to gift cloth that don’t fit!

  • J Dobberpuhl says:

    Thanks always appreciate your great tips Steve! Great ideas on ways to think of gifts for your loved ones. 🙂

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