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Hang w/ – Andrew Maltin

Hang w/ – Andrew Maltin


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About the Episode

Do you have multiple half-baked ideas swirling around in your head? Well today’s guest tells us how we can sift through those ideas and find the one worth building. Also, listen to the part of the show where he shares a tactic you can use to reach out to celebrities to use and hopefully promote your app.

Andrew Maltin  is the CEO and Co-Founder at Hang With, Inc.

Show Notes

A great app doesn’t stop with a killer idea. To get the help that we need to rocket that idea to success, startups can sometimes resort to app incubators which offer services in return for, maybe, a share of profits or payment in other forms.  Our guest for this episode is Andrew Malten, CEO and co-founder of the popular app, Hang With, and also runs App Incubator.

Andrew gives us insights on how your ideas can get noticed more and the other things that you can bring to the table which can put you ahead of the race.

Here are the highlights of my conversations with Andrew:

  • Passing the million mark for app downloads within 9 months and wow deals done between MEDL Mobile and one particular celebrity influenced the creation of Hang With,
  • Building App Incubator and how they sift through half-baked ideas and focus on the ones that’s worth building,
  • Andrew’s proudest moment as an entrepreneur,
  • How he embeds and fosters his vision to other people,
  • How he found his co-founders and the best way to reach celebrities,
  • The tense, tough and intense times in his career, and
  • How he figures out what ideas to let go and what to pursue.

Show Mentions

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