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Hangouts for Business – Brandee Sweesy

Hangouts for Business – Brandee Sweesy


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About the Episode

How can you leverage Google Hangouts tool to increase your business? Well today’s guest breaks down ways you can use the free tool to increase traffic to your site, interview your heroes, and even run webinars. Also, listen to the part of the show where she talks about how to get your Google Hangouts ranked high on YouTube.

Brandee Sweesy is the leading Hangout Marketing Expert.

Show Notes

This episode is an unconventional one as we will be tackling about Google Hangouts and the possible opportunities that it can offer to entrepreneurs. Who can be the perfect guest but the Hangouts queen herself, Brandee Sweesy.

Brandee is the leading Hangouts marketing expert and she is here to walk us through how we can leverage this system for our app businesses. Google Hangouts is casual and thereby places no stress or pressure in making good videos, and as she states it, it’s an easy, cheap, ‘grip it and rip it’ way of getting your products the exposure they need.

Here are the highlights of my discussion with Brandee:

  • SEO value, outranking YouTube videos, exposure, building awareness and everything else that Hangouts can do for your businesses,
  • How the app industry can use Hangout sin engaging beta testers, getting feedback, building momentum for launches as well as staying engaged post launch and getting ranking,
  • Using Hangouts to do webinars and the tools to use when running one, and
  • Software to use for chat features, how to invite people to live events and tips for strong calls to action.

She also shares how it is being known as the Hangouts queen including meeting people and having friends that she didn’t have access to before. It is great to know that she is riding it as long as she can and just continues to look out for other opportunities that come out of this.

Show Mentions

Hangouts for Business

– Fav app:  Uber: (iTunes | Google Play)

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