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Happitech – Yosef Safi Harb

Happitech – Yosef Safi Harb


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About the Episode

Coming up today’s guest built technology that allows you to use a person’s heart rate as a controller for your game or app. And his mission is to help people develop self-awareness and form positive habits. If you’re looking out for what’s next in mobile, this has the potential to be just that.

Yosef Safi Harb is the founder at Happitech.

Show Notes

Building Biofeedback Technology

Yosef shares that Happitech’s drive is to give people insights to their emotions through biofeedback technology. This technology gives you access and visibility on your heart rate, your voice, your breathing rate and they want to use this tech in conjunction with everyday devices like your PC, mobile phone or the iWatch.

The first thing they built was a heart rate monitor which can be used by just a phone or a laptop and offered this to developers who can come up with ways to integrate this to their apps. Then they built Skip A Beat, the first game where you can use your heart rate as a game controller so you can learn to master your mood. There are two levels, the Zen mode where you need to be calm and the Spice mode where the goal is for you to be pumped up to win the game. The game can serve as an honest reflection of who you are at that moment.

Biofeedback Tech Welcome to Appreneurs

When asked about why they built a platform and not just use this technology all for themselves to use in their own apps, Yosef shares that in the hands of developers and game designers, they know that the technology will be taken to greater heights as these folks can come up with idea that they could not have thought about. With minor tweaks, this tech can be incorporated in games which have reached end-of-life, for example, and can be launched as a new one.

This technology was launched end of September and they are encouraging developers to use it for powering good habits.

What advice can you give to anyone looking at building a mobile app?

Find inspirational people around you and reach out to them.

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