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You have done the analysis, you have poured time over keyword research, and you have duly updated your app name, your short and long descriptions. The questions now are: when will you start seeing the impact of your efforts and how long should you wait before updating your ASO?

When will you start seeing the impact of your efforts?

Basing on what I have seen from all our clients, you will see an immediate impact for both impressions and downloads upon using the strategies I have shared. I am so confident in our data-driven process that I can guarantee an increase in impressions. In the example I show in this video, we have spiked impressions up the very next day and multiplied it by 5 times. In terms of downloads, when we looked at the numbers in a weekly basis, there was minimal increase the week after, a huge spike seen in a certain day and some decent ones after that. Basically, we saw an upward trend.

I also show you in this video where to get information on the sources of downloads and so for the big bump on that day that I mentioned, we found that 97% of it came from App Store searches. Could be that there was a word trending during that time that led users to the app, or maybe a competitor ran a campaign…it’s hard to know exactly the reason for it but it should give you the inkling on where it came from and take it from there.

How soon should you update your ASO?

A month would be ideal but if you can’t wait that long, go for 2 weeks. The bare minimum should be a week.


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