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You’re going to discover how you can A/B test your screenshots on iOS to increase your downloads.

Why Should You A/B Test Your Screenshots?

Screenshots are among the things that can help you increase your organic downloads. In fact, a number of developers use this and notice that they doubled their conversion after simply changing and optimizing their screenshots.

It’s important that you include the right messages within your screenshots. Also, your first three screenshots are critical as they are the ones that show up in the search results. So consider your screenshots seriously and take time to A/B test it.

How to A/B Test Screenshots on IOS

  • Go to search ads and create a campaign and ad group.
  • Focus on one keyword.  
  • Fill in the form. I suggest that you pick a generic term to describe the app.
  • After filling the form, add creative assets, which are images and videos. 
For this, you can pick different combinations. For instance, test a campaign with video and no video.

Once you run the campaign, you will see the CPI, taps and more. I suggest that you look for the campaign that converts the best and use that. 

Always remember to make different creative sets for the different ad groups and different keywords that you are targeting.

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