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Today’s guest is a seasoned CFO with experience in both private and public companies. You will discover how to calculate ROAS and what a CFO wants to see, how to finance an effective UA campaign and finally what metrics you should hit before hiring a CFO.

Steve Hovagimyan is the former CFO at Penn Interactive and Jump Ramp Games and now advising Armory Square Ventures.


3:29 – When Founders should start maturing and hire a CFO.
5:18 – What founders need to have in order before a CFO comes in.
6:28 – Revenue milestones to assess to determine if you are ready to bring in a professional.
7:53 – How UA managers should interact with their finance teams.
11:33 – Finding a licensing partner and other licensing tips.
18:12 – Where Peter thinks the mobile space is headed.

Show Mention

– Fav app: 2048: (iTunes | Google Play)


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